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Wheat, IBU 15, ABV 4.0%

90 Schilling

( Odell )

Scottish Ale, IBU 32, ABV 5.3%

The Sister


Imperial IPA, IBU 80, ABV 8.5%

Hazy Little Thing

(Sierra Nevada)

NE Hazy IPA, IBU 35, ABV 6.7%

Idaho Potato

(Bear Island)

American IPA, IBU 72, ABV 6.7%



Pale Ale, IBU 40, ABV 4.3%

Fair Dig

(Boise Brewing )

Irish Red, IBU 24, ABV 5.5%

9lb Porter


Porter IBU 40, ABV 6.5%

Kona "Big Wave"

(Kona Brewing Co.)

Blonde Ale, IBU 20, ABV 4.4%

Mac & Jack's

(Mac & Jack's Brewing Co.)

Amber Red, IBU 100, ABV 6.5%

Bright Cider

(2 Towns)

Hard Cider, IBU NA, ABV 6.0%

Bud Light


Lager, IBU 27, ABV 4.2%

Mannys's Pale Ale

(Georgetown Brewing Col)

Pale Ale, IBU 38, ABV NA

805 Blonde

(Firestone Walker)

Blonde Ale, IBU 20, ABV 4.7%

Shock Top Belgian White

(Shock Top Brewing)

Belgian White, IBU N10, ABV 5.2%


(Guinness Brewery)

Stout Irish Dry, IBU 45, ABV 4.2%

Coming next

Cali Creamin' Creamsicle

(Mother Earth)

Cream Ale, IBU NA, ABV 5.2%

Breakfast Stout

(Barley Stout)

Stout, IBU 25, ABV 6.5%


Brixx on the Rock

Our take on an original old fashioned is to craft it using Old Forester (American first bottled bourbon), simple syrup, and bitters. Garnished with an orange & a bourbon cherry.

Loco Coco Mojo

Don Q Coco rum, fresh pressed lime juice, vanilla simple syrup, and fresh mint give this Mojito a little Mojo wizardry.

Cucumber Smash

A refreshing drink that will have you thirsty for more. Hendrick's cucumber infused gin, fresh pressed sour, muddled cucumber & lemon, and topped with a press.

Holla-Jala Hot Mar-ita

A combination of Lunazul & Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeno tequilas, triple sec, fresh pressed lime juice & OJ Garnished with fresh jalapenos & cilantro.

Raspberry Smash

Svedka Raspberry Vodka, muddled raspberries, fresh mint, & a splash of soda make this refreshing cocktail a smash hit

Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Crater Lakes Hazelnut Espresso vodka, Kahlua, Bailey's and Creme de Cacao. Served in a martini glass.


Huckleberry Mule

44 North Mountain Huckleberry vodka, fresh pressed lime juice, Bucksnort ginger beer.

Twisted Pear Blossom Mule

Absolute Pear Elderflower vodka, fresh pressed lime juice, BuckSnort ginger beer.


44 North Nectarine vodka, fresh pressed lime juice, Bucksnort ginger beer.

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