Brixx Craft House

Weekly Beers on Tap

Beer List


DBL Rainbow

(Iron Horse)

American IPA, IBU 70, ABV 7.0%

Total Domination

(Ninkasi Brewing Co.)

Americna IPA, IBU 81, ABV NA

Better Hazy Than Never

(Boise Brewing)


Hop Diggity

(Mother Earth)


Power House Porter


Porter, IBU 20, ABV NA

The Abyss


Stout Imp/ Double, IBU 86, ABV 11%

Woolybugger Wheat (Sockeye Brewing)

Wheat Ale, IBU 11, ABV 4.9%


(Payette Brewing)

India Red Ale, IBU 70, ABV NA

Kona "Big Wave"

(Kona Brewing Co.)

Blonde Ale, IBU 20, ABV 4.4%

Mac n Jacks African Amber

(Mac & Jacks Brewing Co.)

Amber/Red Ale, IBU 100, ABV N/A%

Baked Apple Pie Cider

(D's Wicked Cider)

Cider, IBU NA, ABV 6.9%

Coors Light

(Coors Brewing Co.)

Lager, IBU 10, ABV 4.2%

Mannys's Pale Ale

(Georgetown Brewing Col)

Pale Ale, IBU 38, ABV NA

Bud Light


Lager, IBU 27, ABV 4.2%

Blue Moon

(Blue Moon Brewing)

Belgian White, IBU 9, ABV 5.4%


(Guinness Brewery)

Stout Irish Dry, IBU 45, ABV 4.2%

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60 Min IPA

(Dogfish Head)

American IPA, IBU 60, ABV 6%

Stone IPA

(Stone Brewing)

American IPA, IBU 71, ABV NA

Ruffneck Black IPA


Black IPA, IBU 95, ABV NA

Mosaic Double IPA

(Belching Beaver)

Double IPA, IBU 60, ABV NA

Boy Stout


Golden Stout, IBU 20, ABV NA

Girl Stout


Stout, IBU 24, ABV NA

Wandering Wheat

(Freemont Brewing)


805 Blonde

(Firestone Walker)

Blonde Ale, IBU 20, ABV 4.7%


Twisted Pear Mule

A wild twist on a traditional favorite mule. Wild Roots Pear vodka, fresh pressed lime juice, and topped with local BuckSnort ginger beer.

Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Crater Lakes Hazelnut Espresso Vodka, Kahlua, Bailey's and Creme de Cacao. Served in a martini glass.

Brixx on the Rock

Our take on an original old fashioned is to craft it using Old Forester (American first bottled bourbon), simple syrup, and bitters. Garnished with an orange & a bourbon cherry.

Loco Coco Mojo

Don Q Coco rum, fresh pressed lime juice, vanilla simple syrup, and fresh mint give this Mojito a little Mojo wizardry.

MT Mazama Berry Blast

A tropical infusion made with Crater Lakes Northwest Berry Vodka and topped with tropical Redbull.

Holla-Jala Hot Mar-ita

A combination of Lunazul & Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeno tequilas, triple sec, fresh pressed lime juice & OJ Garnished with fresh jalapenos & cilantro.

Vanilla Whisper

Wild Roots Pear vodka, fresh pressed sour, and a splash of house made vanilla syrup, Servied in a martini glass.

Reef Breeze

A tropical paradise in a glass. Zaya rum, fresh pressed lime juice, fresh pressed sour, with a dash of passion fruit puree.

Cucumber Smash

A refreshing drink that will have you thirsty for more. Hendrick's cucumber infused gin, fresh pressed sour, muddled cucumber & lemon, and topped with a press.

Seasonal Drinks

Crushed Apple Mule

Jack Daniel's Fire whiskey, bar ginger ale, lime juice, Angustora bitters and topped with a press of soda and Sprite.

Hot Buttered Rum

Warm up with a comforting classic made with The Kraken black spiced rum mixed with our house made buttered rum batter.

Brixx Hot Chocolate

Jack Daniel's Fire whiskey mixed with hot chocolate, and garnished with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg.

Spiked Cider

Choose between Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey or 44 North Nectarine Vodka mixed with hot apple cider.

Nordic Milk

A glass viking horn filled with a blend of Fernet Branca, Kahlua, cold brew, half & half, and simple syrup, The kid in all of us will love this version of chocolate milk.

Bourbon Nog

A twist on a classic eggnog featuring Buffalo Trace bourbon, Creme de Cacao, half & half, winters blend simple syrup, and an egg white.

Ole' Winter Fashioned

A seasonal version of an old fashioned featuring Woodford Reserve bourbon, winters blend simple syrup, a couple dashes of orange and Angostura bitters.

Buttered Toffee

A creamy and sweet blend made with Five Farms Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Amaretto poured over ice and topped with half & half.

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